MeDIA eYe NFT Portal Beta Launch Coming in May!

We are pleased to announce that MeDIA eYe platform development is nearing completion. Over the last few months, we have made it a point to continuously improve on the services […]

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal — A Glimpse Into the Future

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal is now having its beta release on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Fantom blockchains, effectively allowing any individual, business, or community to harness the limitless […]

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

MeDIA eYe NFT Portal Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds for Enhanced Price Accuracy MeDIA eYe is NFTs UNBOUND! MeDIA eYe is excited to announce that we have integrated Chainlink Price Feeds and further […]

The MeDIA eYe Token Is Coming To LBank!

MeDIA eYe is NFTs UNBOUND!The MeDIA eYe team has begun the global roll-out for the eYe Token, in preparation of the upcoming launch of its unprecedented “BaaS” Platform for NFTs. […]