MEDIA EYE NFT Portal Beta Launch Coming in May!

We are pleased to announce that MEDIA EYE platform development is nearing completion. Over the last few months, we have made it a point to continuously improve on the services and user experience that MEDIA EYE Blockchain-as-a-Service technology for NFTs will offer to its users globally. As the NFT industry is evolving rapidly, we are focusing on ensuring that we can provide best in class services, easy to use and innovation that has not been offered on any one platform to date on the market.  

As the MEDIA EYE team continuously focuses on creating fortifications around our business model and services, this in return will provide a first mover advantage.

Services that MEDIA EYE plans to introduce in Q2 of 2022 on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Fantom blockchain networks are as follows: MEDIA EYE services that MEDIA EYE plans to introduce in Q2 of 2022 on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Fantom blockchain networks are as follows:

The industry’s first Cross-Chain Subscription model which unlocks platform services for users across multiple blockchains with a convenient ‘pay as you use’ feature.   

Jumbo Minting – A cost-effective way to mint collections of NFTs of an unlimited size.

MEDIA EYE Hub – Easily browse and explore leading NFT marketplaces.

Airdrops with Bounties – Finally a cost effective and unlimited service for launching airdrops with bounties in minutes, you can add any number of tasks for airdrop participants to perform, integrated with all leading social media platforms. 

Events Gallery – Create bespoke events in minutes, run public or private events with high level of visibility while adding leading social platforms, videos and live streams to expand the reach and coverage of your event globally. 

Create Campaigns – The breadth of services we offer on our platform allows users to create global campaigns in minutes on our site to promote, offer and advertise their services, products, brands etc.. 

Create Group and Community Collections – Users can create NFT collections of any size on our platform and can do it as communities, groups, teams, collectives and more. The flexibility MEDIA EYE offers to creators, promoters, business and protocols is unprecedented. 

Multi-Chain Services – MEDIA EYE provides users the ability to immediately gain access to multiple blockchains, offering extensive coverage for users focused on expanding their experience, NFT activities and promotions globally while taking advantage of improved economies to scale for their business, project, creation or brand. 

Charity Place – Both charities and users can participate in promoting their charities or simply making charitable contributions from any transaction, which is done on the MEDIA EYE platform. This provides a unique opportunity for users and approved charities to come together globally and ensure full transparency and auditability for all contributions.  

Beta Beta Beta… here we go! Read All About It!

Beta Release is scheduled for May 2022 and we are currently inviting experienced users to participate in our Restricted Beta Testing group, to learn more please inquire by e-mail  [email protected]

More to come:   

We will soon be announcing what is to further come in Q2 – Q3 as our team actively pursues our R&D and development milestones. We are taking the NFT bull by the horns so to speak and are planning to introduce Q3 Auctioneers’ Place and NFT Market Makers services, which will further allow MEDIA EYE NFT technology to be leveraged by business, creators and users alike. Stay tuned.. 

Additional Services MEDIA EYE plans to offer for creators:

Meta-eYe NFT Labs – We have pulled together leading artists and NFT creators in order to provide additional services to any user/creator wishing to develop bespoke NFT collections with their own content or content created to order. These services are provided on a project by project basis.


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