MEDIA EYE Partners With Lovelace

MEDIA EYE is excited to announce it’s latest partnership with Lovelace World, a Metaverse-as-a-Service toolkit built for both creators and fans. Through this ongoing collaboration, both MEDIA EYE and Lovelace aim to empower creators, collectors, businesses, and advertisers with the tech and tools needed to unlock and monetize the limitless potential of NFTs.

Below is a high-level perspective at how this partnership will add value for users of both MEDIA EYE and Lovelace.

MEDIA EYE and it’s community will gain:

  • Exclusive MEDIA EYE NFT promotions on the Lovelace marketplace front page
  • Lovelace “Metaverse-as-a-Service” toolkit integration
  • Improved interoperability of digital assets through the Lovelink cross-chain connector
  • Access to exclusive Lovelace NFT airdrops
  • Discounts on Lovelace platform fees

Lovelace and it’s community will gain:

  • Access to NFT airdrops exclusive to the MEDIA EYE community
  • Lovelace digital asset launches promoted on the MEDIA EYE marketplace
  • Participation in NFT-centric lotteries and giveaways
  • Integration of MEDIA EYE’s intelligence and analytics technology to improve Lovelace creator tools

Victor Yampolsky, Key Contributor at MEDIA EYE, stated…

“We’re very pleased to establish a strategic partnership with Lovelace. We believe this ongoing cooperation will further the potential for the growth of a range of services that both platforms offer, as well as services that can be integrated and brought to the market. By leveraging each others’ technologies, we look forward to integrating a new suite of services. Through this, we can work towards expanding our joint footprint in the NFT sector and growing both platform’s presence in the market.”

About Lovelace World

Lovelace empowers creators to realize the potential of the Metaverse through its NFT marketplace, Play-to-Earn gaming engines, smart contracts, launchpad, and partner integrations.

Our Metaverse-as-a-Service toolkit helps creators breathe life into their NFTs, games, digital economies, and worlds across Cardano and other blockchains.

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