MEDIA eYe NFT Portal — A Glimpse Into the Future

MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is now having its beta release on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Fantom blockchains, effectively allowing any individual, business, or community to harness the limitless power of NFTs. We believe the new world will be built on blockchain and that NFTs will be one of the pillars of that revolution.

Developed as a multi-chain protocol, users will be able to create custom NFTs in a few simple steps through the Portal and benefit from an unprecedented range of services on all 3 chains. By combining at launch 3 of the biggest NFT markets under a single, seamless platform, MEDIA EYE paves the road to substantial returns for its investors. And that’s not all, we’re already planning to launch on Avalanche in Q2, as well as on other popular EVM blockchains later this year.

MEDIA EYE is a non-custodial NFT platform, developed with convenience and ease of use in mind, that aims to reduce the difficulties typically associated with creating, collecting and distributing digital media. It is designed for everyone; whether you’re an artist, a brand, gamer, community, entertainer, media agency, collector, or cryptocurrency protocol, you are sure to find great value in the platform.

It also provides the ability to create customized events with NFTs, thereby offering alternative forms of digital experiences. We appeal to anyone interested in increasing their brand awareness, reach, engagement, and to immutably store value or transfer digital assets efficiently.

The MEDIA EYE team is poised to propel the NFT industry even further with its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) technology that will support the creation of countless new use cases. Our portal is the first to introduce a cross-chain subscription-based model and an NFT airdrop system. This allows users to create and launch cost-effective NFT campaigns in minutes, reaching their desired audience directly, and globally.

We strive to increase the utility of NFTs; by placing them at the center of media, events or campaigns, we are bringing the world one step closer to an NFT-driven multiverse!

We are excited to announce that our platform’s beta release will take place on Saturday Night, February 19th. Join us on our Telegram and Discord communities to stay up to date as our global roll out unfolds.


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