MEDIA EYE Turning Up the Heat… NFT Creation…

Dear Community,

First we would like to thank our community for finalizing the vote to determine the calling card for MEDIA EYE community members? The answer is: EYECONS!

Second, we are extremely pleased with the results we are seeing in the restricted beta testing, thanks to our community for your invaluable help and support with testing! Identified and helped fix over 150 bugs in two weeks, EYECONS Are STRONG!

We are very pleased to say that as restricted beta nears completion, finally we are approaching MEDIA EYE’s public beta release. As promised the range of services that our platform will offer is unrivaled in the NFT space. We have turned our attention to partnerships with key opinion leaders, entertainers, protocols and creators from a diverse range of verticals. In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see unique Events, Rewards, NFT airdrops, Globally Supported Charitable Causes being deployed on our platform. We have agreed to produce a series of syndicated TV interviews which can reach an audience of over 127 million. We are also scheduling AMAs in communities with our partners.

As we progress, you can expect to see in the near future a series of YouTube reviews & walk-thrus, and the list goes on. We’re on the road to an NFT revolution, and hope you’re sitting comfortably in your seats. MEDIA EYE is going to where no other platform has gone before..


To surprise our EYECONS, we are really excited to let everyone know that METAVATARS and the EYE Generator for Gen-NFT Collections will be released during public beta. Join us on Telegram Twitter and Discord communities to go where no NFT Platform has gone before!


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