Web 3.0 and Metaverse 1.0 the “New Era” is Here!

As Web 3.0 presence and innovation continues on a path of rapid growth and adoption, the lines between finance, gaming and entertainment will continue to merge, becoming inseparably intertwined to form decentralized multidimensional digital ecosystems. These new frontiers that we like to refer to as the Metaverse 1.0 offer new solutions for participation, earning and entertainment that can be highly profitable for the user. Given the extensive utility offered within these new ecosystems, their peer-to-peer nature further drives efficiencies, reducing reliance on centralized third-party services, thus Web 3.0 presents potentially very attractive multiverse of ecosystems for participants. Further the merging of publicly traded cryptocurrencies into these new Web 3.0 economies and markets coupled with the extensive utility of NFTs, will be a driving force creating new categories of asset classes. The ascension into the newly created multiverse will also offer a new form of social interaction and identity, provide unprecedented utility for participants, plus a wide range of new experiences. Thanks to these and other factors Web 3.0 is becoming the new standard on which the “New Era” socio-economic ecosystems grow and thrive.

Web 2.0 supported platforms and ecosystems are at the mercy of conglomerates, licensors, operators, centralized data aggregators and other inefficiencies, reducing the user’s ability to create, monetize and stifle direct participation, forcing users to deal with gatekeepers charging excessive tolls for access and operability. Where as, Web 3.0 allows users the freedom to create, promote, freely navigate and monetize almost anything that can be digitized.

For example, we see changes in the gaming industry, as gamers, game creators and operators can no longer compete with the antiquated approach of simply offering more levels and better graphics with in-app purchases. Users’ activities are bound by limitations of the Web 2.0 gatekeepers and outdated monetization schemes that provide very little benefit if any to the the users. So, gamers and investors alike are catching on, which is rapidly driving the merging of gaming with DeFi. While NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), play an important role, used as instruments for creating utility in decentralized environments, offering unique participation, rewards, participation and identity within the Web 3.0 multiverse. A complete new gamma of benefits for participants, creators and investors, alike has arisen thanks for NFTs. New ways of participation, proof of identity and easy to monetization for users and creators, offer new experiences through various tokenized models, incorporating P2P, P2C, B2C, B2B, C2B, P2E, M2E and other. Importantly! Removing the reliance on third party gate-keepers and removing the inefficiencies of Web 2.0.

Ultimately this is translating to a global shift, which has already begun, across many industries and markets worldwide. Decentralized Web 3.0 ecosystems substantially reduce the influence of global behemoths, which today control some 70% of world wide web. That means trillions in capital over the next 5 to 10 years’ time will be redistributed to Web 3.0 ecosystems across a very broad range of markets and industry segments globally.

At MEDIA EYE we see the dawn of this “New Era”, we refer to as “Metaverse 1.0”, it’s here! As sure as Web 1.0 gave way to Web 2.0. Now, Web 3.0 offers unobstructed digital fabric for the Metaverse to take shape, rapidly evolve and change the digital landscape and web forever. This is the future not just for crypto enthusiasts but for everyone!

MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is designed and built to support a broad range of services addressing the new Web 3.0 ecosystems development into the the “New Era”. Offering technology capable of supporting the adoption and immense growth, through easy-to-use and easy to deploy services, available to anyone. In fact, MEDIA EYE offers the broadest range of Web 3.0 — NFT driven services, with no coding or previous crypto experience required.

Further, thanks to extensive growth in our collaboration with new forward-thinking Web 3.0 protocols, such as Chainlink, Rubic, Cyber Rogues, KAI, Thunder Lands and many others. MEDIA EYE platform is well positioned to help drive global adoption of NFTs and expansion Web 3.0 protocols, new use cases, across a diverse range of markets!

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